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posted on  |  29-06-16

Depot Medrol
Respected equine surgeon Dr. Larry Bramlage believes reduced use of a specific corticosteroid has contributed to the reduction in...

posted on  |  29-06-16

The Maryland Racing Commission on Monday voted unanimously to treat a spate of recent positive tests for glaucine in the state as...

posted on  |  29-06-16

Neglected horses
State and county investigators believe the horses had been entrusted to the care of Maria Borell, a Lexington-based thoroughbred...





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The International Group of Specialist Racing Veterinarians (IGSRV) is an association that unites regulatory racing veterinarians worldwide. The group was founded in 1985 and has played a major role in promoting the welfare and integrity of horse racing; advises authorities  worldwide.

The IGSRV  in association with the Association of Official Racing Chemists (AORC) organises a biennial International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians.


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The IGSRV place the horse first and
  • Promote the welfare of horses in racing

  • Promote the integrity of horse racing

  • Advise racing administrators on the control of diseases in horses

  • Act with AORC to promote the control of drugs in race horses

  • Organize meetings and an international conference in association with AORC

  • Promote veterinary science in the rules governing horse racing

  • Promote research on equine diseases and drug metabolism that are important to horse racing

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