Brown Named Keeneland Equine Safety Director

POSTED ON  |  28-06-2020

Dr Stuart Brown II
Dr. Stuart Brown II, who cared for an international clientele during his nearly 30-year career with Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, has been named Keeneland's equine safety director, the Lexington racetrack and auction house announced June 24.

"Dr. Stuart Brown is uniquely talented for the position of equine safety director and to be a leader in enhancing safety practices at Keeneland and throughout racing," Keeneland president and CEO Bill Thomason said. "During his career, his knowledge and expertise have been sought by horsemen around the world and by top industry and veterinary organizations alike. Stuart's addition to the Keeneland team further deepens our commitment to the safety and welfare of horse and rider, and his position provides a platform that will benefit the entire horse industry."

Brown will lead the effort to develop, communicate, and enforce safety and integrity policies for both racing and sales operations; review all racing-related accidents with the goal of prevention; assess relevant equine health and safety research; and proactively communicate best practices to the racing community and public. His duties will encompass both Keeneland and The Thoroughbred Center, a training facility owned by Keeneland.

"During my veterinary career, I have had the great fortune to work with some of the most dedicated horsemen and women in our industry," Brown said. "I am proudest of these relationships and those with my colleagues and the team at Hagyard, with whom I have collaborated to provide exemplary care to every horse touched along the way. Most recently, I have had the benefit of serving in several roles in racing alongside many of my racetrack practitioner colleagues, which has allowed me to gain an appreciation for their unique perspectives in the care of the racehorse. It is these experiences shared over time that form the foundation for me to embrace this new and exciting role as Keeneland's equine safety director."

Brown is the second racetrack equine safety director to be announced in Kentucky following Dr. William Farmer's hire by Churchill Downs Inc. in late November. Both Keeneland and CDI are founding members of the Thoroughbred Safety Coalition.

While at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute (formerly Hagyard-Davidson-McGee), where he ultimately became a partner, Brown specialized in equine reproduction and ambulatory medicine. Focused primarily on Thoroughbreds, his areas of expertise included foal evaluations, private/public purchase evaluations, herd health and preventative medicine, federally required import/export protocols, and issues affecting the welfare and safety of equine racing athletes.

"Hagyard Equine Medical Institute is excited to support Dr. Brown in his new position as equine safety director at Keeneland," said Dr. Ernie Martinez of Hagyard. "Dr. Brown has been an integral part of Hagyard's history and success since he started as an intern in 1991, and with the support of the Hagyard veterinary team, he has cared for some of our sport's most successful racehorses.

"We at Hagyard know Dr. Brown will bring his diverse network of connections and his experience as a veterinarian and as a horse owner to his new position," Martinez said. "We look forward to seeing the positive changes and innovation he can drive in our industry."

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